FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is re-glazing?
A: Re-glazing is the method of restoring old or damaged surfaces that overtime have dulled, cracked, chipped and have lost their original appearance.

Q: How long does the re-glazing procedure take?
A: Work time expected is 3-6 hours depending on the condition of the project.

Q: How soon after the job is completed can I use my tub, or sink?
A: 24 hours is the time recommended or as instructed by the technician.

Q: What should I do prior to my appointment?
A: Remove all objects that are on and around the tub, sink, and counter tops.

Q: How long will the re-glazing last?
A: Following the Instructions given to you by a technician it should last for at least 10 years.
Please note: Check our Guarantee on the Customer Service page.

Q: What if my sink, tub, or counter top need repairs?
A: All repairs are done prior to re-glazing and an extra charge may apply.

Q: What is the difference between re-glazing and replacing a bath tub?
A: When re-glazing you can use your bath tub with in 24hrs hassle free and when replacing, you deal with the headaches of plumbing, reconstruction of walls and floor and not having a tub for an extended period of time. By re-glazing property and home owners will save hundreds of dollars.

Q: What can I use to clean my new re-glazed surface?
A: We recommend dish washing soap and a clean terry cloth towel, no chemicals are needed.

Q: What if my bath tub is peeling?
A: In order to provide you with service we need to strip the bad finish.